• Title
  • Platform
  • Year
  • Release Date
  • Role
  • Engine
  • Unreal Engine & Unity Inventory
  • PC, Mac, Linux
  • Jul 2015 (Unity) - Feb 2018 (UE4)
  • May 2018 (Unity) - Feb 2018 (UE4)
  • Programmer, UI Designer
  • Unreal Engine 4.17 & Unity 5.1

Below are two videos showing how more or less the same inventory system works in Unity and Unreal Engine.

The inventory created in Unity was for a Zombie game that I was working on with a team founded on Reddit, but within a month it was disbanded as people realized that they don't actually have time to work on such a project.

The one created in Unreal Engine was a way for me to dive into the engine and learn how it works from programming, blueprints, UI even animations. Within a month I was able to create that inventory displayed below.

Unreal Engine 4 Inventory Github
Unity Inventory Github